Axxon Next safeguards the pupils of The Blue Coat School
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Axxon Next safeguards the pupils of The Blue Coat School


The Blue Coat School was founded in 1722. It is a leading co-educational independent day school situated in Edgbaston, Birmingham. With a strong tradition of academic achievement, the school offers an outstanding educational experience for all of its pupils.

The Blue Coat School thriving community gives children every opportunity to achieve and excel. The goal is to prepare them to engage effectively with the dynamic world unfolding around them, equipping them with the skills and confidence to grasp their opportunities, and the knowledge and sensitivity to recognize their responsibilities. The school is considered one of the strongest academically in the area.


Large site The site dominates 14 acres of Edgbaston in Birmingham. There are 12 main school blocks and the various outbuildings.

One-way traffic The main entry to the site has automated vehicle and pedestrian gates linked to access control and intercom systems. The exit gate is free egress. Issues have arisen when people enter through the exit gate.

Parking issues Local residents and employees of local businesses have been using the car park as a free facility either to go to work for the day or just to go shopping. Monitoring of parking by parents was also an issue, for instance, double yellow lines and disabled bays were being used illegally.

Public use of sports center until 10 pm every day External sports groups use the pitches, swimming pool and sports hall throughout most days, evenings and weekends. They have coded access rights, but further monitoring was needed.

Safeguarding Although the gates are closed for the majority of the school day, there are periods of time when the automatic time zones will hold the gates open for parental access.

Private residences There are several properties on site which are privately occupied and, as there are people on site during evenings and weekends when the site is quieter, extra protection was required.


Axxon Next Universe VMS was chosen by the Lexicon installation company as the best tool to solve all the tasks. Moreover, the total cost of ownership and ROI are always key points when considering a purchase. With AxxonSoft and Secure Logiq there are no annual fees, no software upgrade fees and no maintenance fees providing end users with the lowest total cost of ownership when compared to other leading professional VMS solutions.

Software and hardware

  • Axxon Next Universe software
  • Secure Logiq Qube workstation
  • 17 cameras (12 x 4K cameras, 3 x 3 MP cameras, and 2 x 2 MP ANPR for access control purposes — Wiegand protocol for integration with Paxton System)


The new CCTV system provided the client with many benefits including the high-resolution images which allow identification of individuals and vehicles around the site, and the high-end artificial intelligence (AI) analytics which allows for:

  • tracking of human targets
  • tracking of vehicle targets (even by color)
  • motion detection by direction of travel
  • loitering detection
  • left and removed objects detection
  • time compression search — view all events from a 6-hour period simultaneously in 90 seconds
  • face search — upload a photo to the system and ask it to search for that person
  • search for video of a vehicle by the license plate number

The new system gives the facility ability to deny access to any vehicle not previously registered on the system. If a vehicle tailgates in through the entry gate, the exit gate will not open unless the license plate is recognized. This gives the school the chance to challenge a trespassing vehicle or issue a parking fine.

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“Axxon Next software has been fundamental in our commitment towards safeguarding our pupils, throughout our campus. Its intuitive interface and powerful analytics, allow us to search for humans and cars, as well as faces and registration plates. This allows us to find any incident within seconds as well as receive real time alerts,”

— Frankie Paterson, Network Manager at the Blue Coat School.

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“This has been a challenging site to cover but we are extremely pleased with the results for the client. The CCTV system will become a crucial part of the way the site operates, both for security reasons and as a management tool. The system has already proved its worth following a recent incident when we were able to identify the perpetrator within a few minutes despite being given a 12-hour window to search through and no description. This was all due to the power of the analytics. On-site staff who have responsibility for the system are very impressed with its capabilities. Further expansion of the camera system is planned in the future,”

— Lexicon representative.

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