Axxon Next provides security for residents in Yangsan, South Korea
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Axxon Next provides security for residents in Yangsan, South Korea

At the end of 2017 in South Korea, the "Safe Yangsan" project, powered by Axxon Next, the video management system of the next generation, was completed.


Yangsan is a large city with a population of about 300,000 people and an area of 484.5 km². Earlier attempts to introduce an urban security system faced a number of issues, such as:

  • Video interference
  • Video server crashing after adding several cameras at once
  • Problems when trying to connect third-party systems
  • Usability of the search interface in the video footage archive
  • Difficulty providing support for new high-resolution video cameras
  • Operating the growing number of servers and cameras

Yangsan's administrators decided to revamp the security system. Having learnt from past experience, the client put forward a number of criteria that the new system must meet:

  • A central control hub
  • Integration with urban emergency services and other systems
  • Long-term storage of recorded video footage
  • Superior video server performance
  • Support for high-resolution cameras
  • Reliability and continuous video recording
  • A user-friendly interface for the system operator
  • Dramatic cut in the number of servers (smaller footprint and lower power consumption)


To meet this challenge, GBU DataLinks offered a customized solution based on the Axxon Next VMS, the video surveillance system of the next generation.

Axxon Next provides unique analytic tools for the large amounts of data that are generated every day by Safe City scale projects:

and many more....

It is these video analysis tools that allow the accumulated data to work for the benefit of the city and the security of city residents.

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Over 2500 video cameras from Arecont Vision, Samsung, Hikvision, Cellings, Flexwatch, Probe Digital, and others were installed in 900-odd locations around the city. Live video feeds go to the central monitoring station via fiber optic lines. Footage is continuously recorded and stored on local disks for 30 days. Inside the control room, 15 client computers and 13 video servers were installed to provide round-the-clock monitoring.

The video surveillance system uses the Axxon Next Professional license. One of the client computers is running the additional Axxon Next Universe license that includes the Offline Analytics option. All videos from the previous video surveillance system were imported and indexed for fast intelligent search.


Using the Axxon Next VMS met all client needs and opened up new possibilities:

  • Now that GreenStream and Intel Quick Sync Video dramatically reduce the load on the video server, glitches in live and recorded video playback are a thing of the past.
  • Due to high performance and optimization of resources, Axxon Next servers take up to 200 cameras each, whereas the previous solution was limited to 70 cameras. The significant reduction in hardware results in a much lower capital investment and total cost of ownership.
  • Axxon Next SDK ensures smooth integrations with other security systems such as video encryption and export systems, alarm systems, integrated control post and many others.
  • Security personnel quickly mastered all their monitoring and investigation tasks thanks to the ergonomic Axxon Next GUI.
  • Unlike the previous system and other similar offers on the security market, Axxon Next surpassed client expectations and excelled in competitive benchmarking, even in tough scenarios with high network congestion and offline storage.
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"To date, Yangsan Safe City has been an all-out success. GBU DataLinks specialists provide technical support and staff training. AxxonSoft help desk is always online to help quickly resolve any issues,"

— Seongyeop Kim, CEO of GBU DataLinks.

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GBU Datalinks is a video monitoring, networks security expert and has an array of diverse solutions in the business field.

Led by years of abundant experience and specialized engineering skills, GBU Datalinks is providing customers with optimized solutions that range from solution consulting to design, optimization and maintenance. With access to the most trusted brands in security, coupled with dedicated and professional staffs, GBU is going to offer the most comprehensive range of security and total solution in the industry.

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"Because the system is so visual, even those who are unfamiliar with computers can operate the system. This was a key advantage because it allowed us to equip our many regional branches with the same system."

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