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Axxon Intellect PSIM 4.11.2 Is Released


AxxonSoft has released version 4.11.2 of the Axxon Intellect PSIM. The new version introduces support for OpenStreetMap, object masking when exporting video footage, push notifications for mobile clients, and new features of video analytics, events handling, video archive, and SIP terminal.

Interactive Map

Added the ability to use the OpenStreetMap vector geo-map as a background for the interactive Intellect map. The geo-map is requested from the OpenStreetMap server and is automatically bound to geographic coordinates in Intellect. Using geo-maps is convenient for working with large and distributed sites; in addition, the maps are constantly updated by a large community of OpenStreetMap project participants.


For raster maps, binding to geographic coordinates has also been simplified. You can now use this binding in mobile clients to show cameras on the map.

When an alarm is triggered, the layer of the interactive map containing the alarm event source can now be automatically displayed on top of all windows.

Video Analytics

The Tag&Track function of automatic object tracking by a PTZ camera now supports automatic and mixed modes of operation. In automatic mode, the PTZ camera switches at a specified frequency between moving objects that are detected by the object tracker on the linked fixed camera. The mixed mode works in the same way until the operator selects a specific object. After that, the PTZ camera will follow the object until it leaves the field of view of the fixed camera, then it will switch to automatic mode.


The standard object tracker has been updated. Detection accuracy and object tracking stability have been improved.

The principle of licensing of intelligent search in the video footage has been changed; each video channel is now licensed separately (but when upgrading the system from a previous version, you can keep the current license).

Monitoring and Handling Events

Intellect now supports sending push notifications to mobile clients via the AxxonNet cloud service. You can receive notifications about specified types of events in iOS and Android apps. Event videos are stored in the cloud, and you can jump to the beginning of the recording by tapping the notification.

Added a simplified (text) view of the Operator Protocol window and the ability to group information in the window by region, event, or object. Thanks to this, it is now possible, for example, to quickly view all alarms related to a camera or a specified area of ​​a site.

protocol operaor 2.jpg

Settings to forbid multiple selection of events and event processing without comment have also been added to the Operator Protocol. Video detector bounding boxes can now be displayed on alarm video frames and during event recording playback.

The Event Viewer now supports displaying body temperature measured by a fever-screening camera.

Exporting Videos

When exporting video, you can now hide any static or moving object with a mask. To mask moving objects, the start, end, and intermediate points of the mask motion trajectory are set, so that the mask smoothly moves with the object.

hide area 1.jpg

When you select video cameras in the AviExport utility, you can search for cameras and sort their list by device name or ID. Captions with a camera name, date and time can be overlaid on the exported video.

Besides, you can now export video with sound to MP4 format, with recompression or preserving the original codecs.

SIP Terminal

Calls between SIP operators are now supported. SIP operator objects can be added to the map, which enables calling an operator directly from the map; you can also hold/resume calls from the map. Added a call forwarding feature and group calls that can be received by SIP operators or SIP devices from a predefined list.


You can now create several address books to work with them on separate tabs of the SIP panel. You can also set a SIP operator list to work with a specific SIP panel. A setting has been added to allow or block calls to unknown numbers that are not in the address book of the SIP panel.

The SIP panel GUI has been redesigned and significantly improved. Added displaying the duration of the current call, settings for interface elements, and an option to activate the screen with a SIP panel during a call. The call answer window is now displayed on top of all windows during an active call or a call on hold. Added a call log with the ability to view video and/or audio archive of calls.

Working with Video Archive

In the Backup Archive, you can set the storage time for camera recordings, after which they will be automatically deleted. Backup Archive recordings can now be broadcast via the RTSP server to be viewed at remote Intellect workstations or using video players that support this protocol.

When broadcasting a video archive of any type via the RTSP server, the video footage time can be displayed in a video player as captions.

Added the ability to make video recordings in the Backup and Video Gateway archive hidden from selected users. Thus, any Intellect recordings can now be hidden.


In addition, when protecting the archive from overwriting, a bookmark can be automatically created, and during video playback, video detector bounding boxes can be displayed.

Other New Features

  • Added two-factor authentication with confirmation of logging in Intellect via SMS.
  • In the Short Message Service, added the ability to send SMS notifications to several numbers.
  • In the Screen Manager (video wall management interface), added the ability to copy a layout to several monitors or all available monitors at once.
  • To quickly change user rights, you can “move” the user between the rights, unlinking them from the current rights and linking to new ones.
  • Added the ability to bulk-set cameras when configuring the RTSP server.
  • Optimized Intellect operation on dual-processor computers with many video cameras.
  • Added the ability to update Intellect in silent mode without removing vertical solution modules.
  • Added support for Romanian and Vietnamese languages ​​in the language pack.

The Axxon Intellect 4.11.2 installation files, documentation, and release notes with a complete list of changes are available on the Downloads page.