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AxxonSoft’s AI Analytics

Video analysis applications pave the way for proactive surveillance, which helps your security staff protect property by detecting and deterring crime. Applications can detect humans/vehicles, fire/smoke, or abnormal behavior/conditions and automatically notify security staff.

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Intelligent Video Analytics

AxxonSoft provides video analytics solutions that create multiple benefits in business and security intelligence through neural networks powered by AI and deep learning algorithms.

  • Train Your AI

    Train Your AI

    We implement a turnkey AI video analytics training program to meet your specific needs. To achieve the highest possible accuracy, we leverage your system with neural networks trained using videos from your actual site and suited to your specific tasks.

  • Pre-Emptive Detection

    Pre-Emptive Detection

    You can use AxxonSoft’s AI-powered analytics for a variety of security needs, including face and number plate recognition, early fire detection, detecting potentially dangerous conditions, and tracking objects of specific types.

  • Boost Crime and Loss Prevention

    Boost Crime and Loss Prevention

    Providing early notification to first responders enables police or corporate security personnel to quickly neutralize the threat and make their response actions more effective.

Intel Products Optimize Cost & Performance

  • Boost AxxonSoft’s AI performance using Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit and the latest Intel® Vision Accelerator Design with Intel® Movidius™ VPU or Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA.

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AI: Developed to Secure

AxxonSoft brings value to your business faster with AI-powered, industry-specific solutions.

  • AI for Retail/Retail Analytics

    Count visitors, manage queues, perform shoplifter/VIP client recognition, guesstimate age and gender, conduct heatmapping, and more.

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  • AI for Safe/Smart City Solutions

    Count people and vehicles, perform face and number plate recognition, enhance public safety, assist investigations, and search for wanted persons.

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  • AI for Manufacturing

    Prevent persons from entering dangerous zones, control workplace safety, and receive man down notifications.

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  • AI for Traffic Control

    Conduct number recognition on vehicles, freight cars, and containers; control access points and rolling stock; and monitor traffic flow.

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