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Forensic search in recorded video

Video surveillance systems are constantly expanding to include more cameras. Tracking down valuable information in this abundance of video data can be a daunting task. To get the most out of modern HD video capabilities, you need help managing the huge volume of recorded video.

AxxonSoft has intelligent technologies to help you find what you need — and faster. You'll never have to sift through hours of recordings from dozens of cameras again. Just set your search criteria, and you'll have the results in a few seconds.


Instant forensic search by criteria

How it works

Specify one of the search criteria:

  1. Motion in a specific zone.
  2. Line crossing (in either direction).
  3. Movement between zones.

Then set additional criteria:

  • Main color of an object (select a range of colors).
  • Minimum and maximum object speed.
  • Minimum and maximum object size.
  • Type of object: person, vehicle, group of people.
  • For movement within a zone: entry or exit, direction of motion, number of objects.

Your searches can be general, like finding any movement in a specific area of the frame. Or they can be very specific, like finding all the red cars that crossed a certain line moving in the selected direction.

Within seconds, you will get results with all the videos that match your criteria.


Quickly find recordings when you have specific information:

  • A yellow car came to the parking lot.
  • A black bag was stolen from the table.
  • Two suspects are headed in a known direction, and one of them is wearing a green jacket.

How it works

  • Upload a picture or a photo-fit (you can also use a face captured in a video frame).
  • Set the match percentage. The higher the percentage, the more the search is refined. Faces that aren't a close enough match are ignored.
  • Results quickly show you all videos with the person you are looking for.


  • Find out what someone was doing in a secured area: exactly where they were, and when.
  • Find a lost child at a shopping center.
  • Search for suspects and witnesses as part of a Safe City program. Identify what places a certain person visited most often, and find out where they were last seen.

ANPR search

How it works

  • Type in a full or partial license plate number.
  • Results quickly show you all videos with the vehicle you are looking for.


  • Find out when a vehicle entered or exited a secured area.
  • Track down wanted vehicles as part of a Safe City program. Detect the typical routes of a vehicle, and find out where it was last seen and which direction it was going.

ANPR search

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