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Visitor Counter detector

Visitor Counter detector

The Visitor Counter detector counts the number of people who come and go, at a whole site or within a specific zone of observation. This information can be useful to:

Management can use this information to:

If you are leasing out retail areas, you receive advantages worth a mention of their own:

How it works

Store traffic managementThe video image detection tool counts the number of people who cross from one designated area to another and back. For the detection tool to work, you should:

The detection tool notices each movement of an object that fits the specified dimensions, in any direction. The person is regarded as having entered or left, depending on the direction of movement. The detection tool correctly handles situations when several people are moving in different directions at the same time.

The events log in Intellect is updated in real time with matching Entry and Exit events. If necessary, you can use scripts to get information on the number of people coming or going. You can use web reports to get data for analysis in table or chart form.

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