Axxon Next DetectorPack
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This page contains DetectorPack for Axxon Next. To download DetectorPack for Axxxon Intellect, click here.

Axxon Next DetectorPack

Installer Download Documentation Release notes
DetectorPack 64-bit v.3.6.0 DetectorPack download 97.2 MB
DetectorPack release notes
DetectorPack: Addon Face Recognition Pack 64-bit v.3.6.0 1.5 GB

DetectorPack: Addon IV LPR 64-bit v.3.6.0 2 GB

DetectorPack: Addon RR LPR 64-bit v.3.6.0 1.3 GB

DetectorPack: Addon VT LPR 64-bit v.3.6.0 99.5 MB

DetectorPack: Addon Neuro Pack 64-bit v.3.6.0 718 MB

General neuro models

"General Neural Models" means the model showed itself in a best way detecting of specific type of object applying to common data-sets. Expects that the model is universal for mentioned object type in all scene conditions. The "AI neural tracker, enhanced accuracy" in our new platform calculator refers to all general neural models.

These neural models supported starting from 04.12.2020 build.

Official support starting from 3.6.0.x Detector Pack version.

It is necessary to download the "*.zip" archive. Unpack it completely into any directory of the system (*.ann and *.txt files).
And specify the path to the "*.ann" file in the detector settings. The "*.txt" file must be in the same directory as the "*.ann" file.

Object type View angle Download link GPU Download link CPU\IntelGPU Download link Intel HDDL References
Regular 47,3 MB   47,3 MB 23.7 MB Refences applicable to model10.3 MB