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AxxonSoft regularly holds training seminars. The seminars aim to give specialists the skills and knowledge they need to create and employ AxxonSoft-powered security systems. Training seminars are held in many of AxxonSoft's offices.

Seminars vary from 1 to 3 days, depending on the seminar's training program.

Course name Course duration
Axxon Intellect Certified Professional 3 days
Axxon Next Certified Professional 2 days
POS-Intellect program training 4 hours
Face-Intellect program training 4 hours
Auto-Intellect program training 4 hours
ACFA-Intellect program training 4 hours
JavaScript in Axxon Intellect program training 4 hours
Exam for the course "Axxon Intellect Certified Professional" 1 hour
Exam for the course "Axxon Next Certified Professional" 1 hour
Free Axxon Next technical training course on 3 hours

To attend a seminar contact your regional manager.

Watch Axxon Next VMS video tutorials