Homeland Security Suite
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AxxonSoft Homeland Security Suite

AxxonSoft Homeland Security Suite

Protect your city and its citizens with intelligent security from AxxonSoft.

Imagine a security solution that monitors and controls all your public utilities. A solution that detects and reports problems in real-time, and responds accordingly. A solution that improves safety, reduces crime and allows your city to run smoothly and cost-efficiently. Now imagine all this in a flexible solution that's 100% reliable and evolves as your city does. Axxon Intellect Enterprise brings you Homeland Security Suite, an integrated solution that does all this and more.

Reduce vehicle theft, residential and commercial burglary, and vandalism. Automatically identify persons of interest at border crossings, airports or train stations. Protect schools and other public buildings from intrusion and natural disaster. Monitor and prevent problems with water, gas and electricity systems. Homeland Security Suite gives your police force, transit authorities, emergency response services and city workers the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

By creating a unified digital control and monitoring space for the city, Homeland Security Suite is a smart, scalable, future-proof solution for a modern metropolis.

  • Universal: combine any and all equipment, systems and devices, even legacy devices, into a single environment, and increase the value - and potential - of your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Simple & Flexible: Axxon Intellect Enterprise's object-oriented architecture means it's easy to install, use and manage , and requires minimal training and support.
  • Scalable: Unlike standalone systems, AxxonSoft Homeland Security Suite easily upgrades and expands to fit your city's evolving needs
  • Failure-proof: a distributed architecture means your system stays functional around the clock — just like your city
  • Modular: choose the features you want — such as Facial Recognition and Traffic Control — for a customized security solution with lower long term TCO.

Note: AxxonSoft Homeland Security Suite supports select countries out of the box. Other countries can be supported through customization. For more information, please contact an AxxonSoft specialist.


"AxxonSoft is always there for us – it never leaves partners to deal with problems alone. They’re available to solve any issues that come up, very quickly. This is just one reason we chose AxxonSoft’s solutions for the majority of our installations."